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 01th Aug

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PostSubject: 01th Aug   01th Aug Icon_minitimeFri Jul 27, 2007 11:01 am

Hello all

hope you a nice day

Joke of the day :

Une blonde entre dans une pharmacie :
- Avez-vous des lunettes ?
- Pour le soleil ?
- Non pour moi.

Une brune demande son amie blonde d'appeler l'ascenseur. Celle-ci appelle voix haute :
- Ascenseur.
Alors la brune lui dit:
- Pas comme a, avec le doigt.
Alors la blonde mis son doigt dans sa bouche et dit :
- Achencheur ! ! ! !


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PostSubject: Re: 01th Aug   01th Aug Icon_minitimeWed Aug 01, 2007 11:33 am

Very Happy Nawak Manu t'es ouf toi!

Hello all,

How are you today? Here in France it is one more sunny and warm day... it is so good!!! Just push the music (Trance of course lol) and the day is already great!

Yesterday evening, I went to my brothers and we've watched again some videos of the last Trance Energy... I can tell for those who have never gone there... it is magical, powerful, wonderful, so big, the music is so good, people there are so kind and happy... I'll miss word (again lol) to express all my feelings when I think of this event... The only thing I can say right now is that I wanna be there again in 2008!
OK I that was my thought of the day lol... tremendous memory!

Have a great day my friends and talk to you later Wink
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01th Aug
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